Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chapter 13 NACTT 46th Annual Seminar

From August 3-6, 2011, the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees have planned an outstanding educational program at the Anaheim Marriott that includes speakers who are nationall recognized judges, academics, lawyers and trustees. Pre-registration closes on July 15th.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Orange County bankruptcies rise 7.4 percent last month

If you are think you are out of options and are now thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you are not alone. I know that my law firm has had a very busy fall. But the data from the courts speaks the loudest. OC METRO – Orange County bankruptcies rise 7.4 percent last month

Friday, October 8, 2010

HAFA & Short Sales

Yesterday I attended a few short sale sessions at the California Association of Realtors EXPO and learned a lot about the new HAFA short sale program. I will be taking a course on it but every short seller out there should ask their Realtor if it looks like they are elgible for it. Thus far it looks like it is the most consumer friendly short sale program and that it is the fastest short sale program.

Check back for more information as I learn more!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Third World America

Arianna Huffington has a new book coming out entitled Third World America. It will be discussing why America is in danger of becoming a Third World country. I have been reading Arianna's columns on The Huffington Post for a while now. I find it interesting because most of my bankruptcy clients and real estate clients who are really struggling are in the middle class. These are generally families who have never faced severe financial issues and who never thought they would. It has felt like America is trying to eliminate the middle class. Somehow everyone thinks that the people who are filing for bankruptcy or selling their homes in a short sale are irresponsible and have spent too much money. Most of the time it is because of a rapid and dramatic decrease in income that could not have been anticipated. Most of my clients feel badly that they have to file bankruptcy or let their house go (through a short sale or foreclosure).

I personally think a large part of the solution is to hold our elected officials accountable to us, the voters, rather than to big corporations. Right now it seems like corporations are running our government regardless of the cost to normal, hard-working Americans. I look forward to reading Ms. Huffington's book to see if she can make sense of this very strange path our economy is taking.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Pacific Symphony Concerts in the Park

My kids loved the free Pacific Symphony concert last summer and we will be going again this year. The first two concerts are this weekend so don't miss out. There is a fun musical playground and conducting workshop starting before the concert. At some point in the performance, the conductor invites the kids up to conduct the symphony with them. That was the highlight of the evening for my son. He played conductor for the remainder of the summer after that! Since my kids are in preschool, we opt for the outdoor concerts where they can run, play and dance to the music instead of going to a concert hall where the kids would have to sit still. Plus, music and a picnic dinner are a perfect way to spend a summer evening.

See you there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orange County Housing Report - The Year in Review

I check in with Steven Thomas's blog from time to time and his latest posting recapping 2009 and his predictions for 2010 are interesting. I agree with Thomas that short sales did and will continue to dominate. I also agree that the higher end homes will continue to decline in value (you have to read to the end to get to that prediction). If you are interested in Orange County real estate, I found his last post of 2009 to be a very worthwhile read.

And by the way - Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Orange County Bankruptcy Filings Increase

November Orange County bankruptcy filings increase 63% compared to November 2008. See OC Metro. I am not suprised - the courts are absolutely swamped. And a Chapter 7 case that would normally take no more than 6 months for the court to grant a discharge and close now takes 7 months.